Bring me back to Rotterdam!

Bring me back to Rotterdam! Let me lose myself in its high streets, fall in love one night and wake up in the morning with a piece of pancakes… I love you, city of thousand buildings.

How I fell in love with you

In the beginning, it was a bit unexpected that I would like you so much. Many people asked me several times « Why don’t you visit the Netherlands? It is so close to Paris. ». My answer was always the same: « What is the point to visit a country just for smoking weeds? It is just pointless. ». It was a kind of cliché that I had from a French point of view. I have always been passionate about culture, roots and art, and I still want to make my trip a human experience first at all. The Netherlands was definitely not a country which excited me and my lessons in Dutch from the elementary school didn’t help me to love it more.

Now, I’m sure you are curious to know how I finished in Rotterdam, enjoying some local foods with a cup of beer. It would not happen if one of my closest friends annoyed me about how she loved Rotterdam. If you know me, I am someone who never changes my mind quickly. But I can recognise when I do some quick judgments. The best way to have a right opinion about something is to experiment it. So why not to go and see…

The cold weather and the infinite high streets

If there is something in common between the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, it is the weather. My first impression when I arrived there was the contrast between the different kinds of architecture and the high streets. Being the biggest lover of old cities like Edinburgh, I was impressed with its aesthetic. The main reason which seduced me was the people. All the meeting that I made and the cultural melting pot are what makes Rotterdam magic. Bring me there, and I will connect with someone as I have never done it before. Maybe, it is my curious side, but I have never seen while walking a lot of mixed couples. It is also the case in Paris, but as a citizen I guess I use to see it. But I didn’t expect to find it in the Netherlands too. And, it is so refreshing to see people with fresh urban styles. As Coco Chanel said, don’t leave the house without fixing your look. He gave me the impression that everyone was ready to record the latest hottest hip-hop music video (without the naked girls of course… Only swag).

I don’t want to give you a list of things to do because I consider that each trip is a unique experience. My only advice will be to let you go with the flow and the breeze to have sweet moments for you. If you love sweet potatoes like me, you will be in heaven by the way. I’m a food lover who also know how to cook 😝 (Please marry me! Hahaha)

It was the 4th times that I went there this month. I was so inspired, and I wanted to express it with the clothes I was wearing. I thought it would be nice to dress as a kind of modern black geisha to honour one of my favourite places. I start feeling like home… Maybe should I consider moving there?

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