My Journey as a French girl lost in London… Or How I moved to the United Kingdom

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you definitely do not know that I recently moved to England. How is it to live here?  How is my journey?  I have been submerged by the London lifestyle and I could not find enough time and

7:30 AM

Elevator selfie – Kaylissim

My alarm rings… As usual, I am stuck in my bed trying to find five minutes to enjoy a bit that feeling. I remember the last post that I read about how successful people wake up every day at 5 AM to encourage myself to lose my bad habits. If you know me, you know that I am not a morning person. Anyway, I need to get ready to catch the next subway to go to the city centre. Hopefully, I found a flat in Zone 2/3, not so far from the heart. After doing my morning routine, I am ready to leave! I just love from time to time take some photos of my daily outfits when I take the lift. Yes, I got the typical style of the working girl on this one 😝… Between us, I noticed some difference when you are on the train in London. There are those melancholic faces that I used to see in Paris… But, the hilarious part is to see someone randomly smiling at you without any reason and the fact that British people are loud when they talk. I thought I was the only girl to be so expressive until I come here. From time to time, I am asking myself if the Underground is not a Pub extension,.. just my weird thoughts.

Working in SoHo

Maitre Choux London – Kaylissim

How to not enjoy London when your office is in Soho. If you are new in town, it is the best place to start. Even Monday, people are always so optimistic about hanging out after work and having a good time with a pint of beer. I love how you can easily find someone friendly, opened to talk. It is also ** the place ** for shopping and to refresh your style if you are a fashion addict looking for a unique tool. I will write something about it when I got some free time. 

By the way, If you love are a food lover like me, you will definitely feel like in heaven. I have been surprised to discover the number of possibilities that you can have when it tends to select what you want to eat. Without any surprise, I caught a French patisserie really close to my work where I love doing my Tea Time break

What about the Brexit?

I did not want to talk about this topic. But, many of you seem interested in this subject. Surprisingly, ** I may be blind though ** people do not seem too much scares about it. The only concern I have is to prepare myself to do an administrative procedure to get a working VISA around March. Let’s see what will happen 🤔

I will try to write more and do not hesitate to follow me on social media for more updates on my life in London 🤗